Moving the Cursor Arrow
The mouse should be placed on a flat surface, trackball facing down and buttons facing up toward the user. The cursor arrow moves when the trackball makes contact with a flat surface. If you come to the edge of the mouse pad, and still need to go in the same direction, lift the mouse and place anywhere on the mouse pad.

Single Click
Press the left mouse button once. This action will move the text cursor to wherever the mouse cursor was located on the page.

Double Click
Rapidly click the left mouse button twice. This is often done to select a word or open a program.

Click and Drag
To drag basically means to hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse on the pad.
Example: Once a word or a section has been highlighted, press the left button. Hold it down and move the cursor arrow where you want to move the section.

Selecting Text
To highlight or select text, single left mouse click where you want to begin and keep the button depressed. Drag the cursor to the end of the desired text. Release the mouse button. Single click on the highlighted section (keep button depressed) and drag to the desired location. Release mouse button. To select one word, double click on it.

Right Mouse Button
Use the right mouse button in Windows 95 software programs. This button is a shortcut option. Click to discover the possibilities.