Getting Started with Word 97

To Choose SAVE or SAVE AS?


From uFile on the Menu Toolbar, two save options are listed--vSave or wSave As.

Select SAVE when you do not want to keep a copy of the original document. By choosing either the SAVE icon or File, Save, you have elected to write over the original document. The original file is not retrievable.



Save As w
When Save As is selected, you will be prompted for a new file name. In this dialogue box you can save the file to a floppy disk and give it a new name. This option saves the original document and provides a new name for a new version.



A good habit to practice is to save your document every time you take a break from your computer workstation. Frequent saving prevents loss of data due to outside factors--loss of power, network outage, or overheated hard drives.


The second time you work on a document, use Save As and number the name of the file.
Example:  Session One Save the file under "Proposal1".
                  Session Two Save As file name "Proposal2".

In your file list, these will appear as different versions but next to each other in a file list. Each time you select Save As put a higher number so you know which versions is the most recent.

Where do you save files? Press SAVE AS to continue...