Getting Started with Word 97

Once the Save As option is selected the dialogue box below will appear. Follow the three indicated steps to correctly save a document.

Save As Dialogue Box

u Save in -- Lists locations to save a file. This is where the 3½ floppy disk in Drive A: would be selected. Each system has a different default for where files are automatically saved. If in doubt write the file name path on the document so it is easy to retrieve.
Example of file name path: C:\My Documents\TrainA\Sample1.doc
v File name -- Mouse click inside this white box. Type in the name of your file. No need to put the suffix "doc" after the name. It is added automatically as long as the Save as type reads  Word Document.
w Save -- Click on the Save button to complete the task and the dialogue box will close.

Save in Box


uClick on the arrow to the far right of the Save in Box.  A drop down menu will appear.
vClick on 3½ Floppy (A:) to save a document file to a floppy disk.

The Open and Save As dialogue boxes have the same functionality for selecting files.

To continue or review select OPEN, SAVE, or PRINT.