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The Libraries Online! Project at the Baltimore County Public Library (BCPL) includes the creation of a technology based Computer Learning Center and the development of computer application training at a local Elementary School. This school is located in the heart of a community which was among the hardest hit by the shift from blue-collar smokestack industry to the technological/communications era. The Computer Learning Center at the North Point Library brings information services, technologies and training to disadvantaged residents in the community and provides access to information tools and applications not otherwise available. Targeted initiatives in the project include services and regularly scheduled trainings tailored to specific audiences such as preschool children, unemployed adults and senior citizens.

The Libraries Online! project at BCPL also consists of a partnership with Logan Elementary School in providing computer application training. Logan Elementary, which serves the Turners Station area, is currently involved in a Microsoft/Bell Atlantic project that has provided computers not only to the school, but also to the families of third graders in the school. The library is partnering with the school to assist with faculty, student and family training based on their needs and the schools curriculum. One aspect of the training for Logan teachers and families is the review of BCPLs homepages, pathfinders and other library products that make the computers more useful to the teachers, students and their families. BCPL also hosts Family Computing Nights at the library to facilitate learning.

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