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A primary goal of the City of Boston is to prevent a society of information "haves" versus "have-nots". This is crucial for the economic health and competitiveness of the City as well as its residents in this increasingly information and service-oriented economy. In order to further this goal, community leaders feel it is imperative to make the technology, and more importantly, the information resources the technology makes available, accessible in neighborhoods as a matter of convenience for residents.

The Boston Libraries Online! Project expands internet access at its 24 branch libraries and extends this public access to the internet by linking the library system to 20 community centers located in Bostons most disadvantaged and under-served neighborhoods. In addition to increased access to library services and resources, including its CD-ROM based on-line repository, the Boston Libraries Online! project also enhances the ability of library patrons to participate in after-school and adult education and tutoring in MS Office, and to receive access to on-line government, job bank, and other health and human service organizations.

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