News Coverage The Central Arkansas Library System (CALS), the City of Little Rock, the Little Rock Arts and Humanities Commission, and HUD are utilizing the Libraries Online! Program to expand their "Internet on Wheels" project that provides internet access and digital resources to at-risk students at four low-income housing projects and two community recreation centers through the use of a bookmobile. The existing LAN was extended to the bookmobile and additional computer workstations were added to the bookmobile. The goal of the program in Arkansas is to bring a plethora of digital resources to 4th to 12th grade children of lower-income families who might not otherwise have access to computers and the Internet, and who might have difficulty accessing library resources at traditional outlets due to lack of transportation.

The following Little Rock and Pulaski County communities benefited from the Libraries Online! Bookmobile Program: Booker Homes, Sunset Terrace, Amelia B. Ives Homes, Hollinsworth Grove, Granite Mountain Community Center and Dunbar Community Center.

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