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The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) has served the informational, educational, and enrichment needs of its community for over 100 years. Through the "Libraries Online!" project. they continue a long tradition of stressing equity of access to information for their local community. The PLCMC has used funding from Microsoft Corporation to continue its goal of a fully connected society. As a continuing "Libraries Online!" project partner, PLCMC has focused on extending information technologies to an inner-city, underserved, historically African-American population in the Beatties Ford Community. With PLCMCs participation in the second year of the program, they continue to emphasize training and the involvement of local Microsoft employees in assuring that local citizens have the skills necessary to function in a new information society.

Libraries Online! has enabled PLCMC to place networked computers with Internet access in a new branch library. The computers provide the community with a variety of educational software, access to their community network, Charlottes Web, and to the worldwide resources of the Internet.

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