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The Tsa-La-Gi Library (TLGL) is a small public library that focuses on providing library services for the Cherokee Nation jurisdictional service area in Northeast Oklahoma. The mission of the library is to make information services and resources available to all Indians as well as the community at large. TLGL is part of the Cherokee Cultural Center and specializes in Cherokee language, history and culture. With the Libraries Online! program, TLGL focused on expanding access to language, cultural and library reference materials through a wide area network that was connected to the local boarding Sequoyah High School.

TLGL and Sequoyah High formed a partnership to provide internet services to the local community and the 335 Indian students who attend the tribally controlled high school. Before the Libraries Online! program, the Tahlequah community had not been able to afford free public access to the internet nor had students been provided the opportunity to explore the world through computer technology. With the 3-PC computer lab at the library networked to the 20 computers provided by the High School, local residents have been able to have increased access to the internet and the Cherokee Nation Cultural Centers on-line resources.

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