News Coverage The Hartford Public Librarys mission is to promote and support literacy and learning; to provide free and open access to information and ideas; and to help people participate in our democratic society. The Libraries Online! project at the Central Library of the Hartford Public Library facilitates this vision by enabling the library to provide technology centers for children and parents to work and learn together with expanded digital resources, electronic bulletin boards, web sites, and the Internet. The technology centers allow library patrons to work on quality-of-life issues and community development strategies by communicating with other people, agencies, cities and neighborhoods.

The Technology Centers give the public end users access to computer programs and the Internet. The Library staff provide individual training and coaching to end users. The training offered by the library assists users in building skills in resume creation, writing, word processing, literacy and language building, informational retrieval and technological mastery. Web sites and electronic bulletin boards for job information, E-mail, and community networking are encouraged as sources for interactive information. In addition to individual instruction, the Library also holds regularly scheduled group training sessions on basic computer and search skills. Group trainers are recruited through community agencies and civic associations. The technical competency training strategy is intended to equip staff to transfer skills to the end users in order to offer assistance, training and coaching where needed, realizing that these needs are not always expressed but nevertheless, must be recognized. Training is an integral component of our Technology Centers and is paramount in the Librarys plans.

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