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The mission of the Kansas City Public Library and their Libraries Online! project is in perfect harmony: They seek to be a reliable community resource and a center of intellectual freedom serving primarily the residents of the Kansas City Library District and secondarily the residents of the metropolitan area by acquiring, organizing and disseminating books, non-print materials and services that help educate, enrich, entertain and inform.

The Libraries Online! project is enhancing technology in the L.H. Bluford and West branches within the Enhanced Enterprise Community, and is providing children and adults with integrated learning activities that combine technology with more traditional learning tools such as books, magazines and audio/video tapes. The expanded computer center has machines that are loaded with a variety of educational and business software and provide access to the internet. Local middle/high school students have been able to utilize the enhanced computer centers to help them with homework, computer literacy, job acquisition skills and career development research. Adult lifelong learners enjoy opportunities to enhance job and basic education skills, and to connect with community human service information. Library staff answer reference questions, guide young learners and provide computer training for the public.

The Microsoft Libraries Online! Project allows Hartford Public Library to move closer to their desired technology objectives which include:

Improved electronic services to the community.

Enhanced electronic services to children and young adults.

Development of Internet services to meet demand and utilize the potential of the medium.

Development of programs to integrate technology into staff work roles.

Migration to a Windows NT network environment.

Integration of electronic resources into traditional library services.

Implementation of client/server processing throughout the system.

Implementation of a common graphical user interface for all electronic services.

Expanded and enhanced functionality and scope of the electronic catalog.

Establishing and maintaining network architecture standards to insure reliability of networked resources.

Development of a plan to promote the library's electronic services and resources to the public.

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