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Through Libraries Online!, KCLS brings a full array of technological resources to current and future patrons of five libraries in South King County. These libraries (Algona-Pacific, Boulevard Park, Skyway, Valley View, and White Center) serve the lower-income areas of a relatively affluent county. With LOL funds, staff can fulfill the ever-growing requests to access information, manage information and master technology tools for success at school and in the workplace, as well as personal enrichment.

Through WINDOWS NT, KCLS operates Local Area Networks in each library. Every computer is wired for access to Microsoft OfficePro. Most are wired to allow full graphical access to the Internet and World Wide Web. To take full advantage of LOL funding, KCLS has installed six workstations per library to utilize the hardware and software. This technology gives children and adults the opportunity to compete with their more privileged classmates and colleagues. Each week, approximately 1500 patrons benefit from these new resources during most of the 250 hours that these five libraries are collectively open. Group sessions involve at least 2400 persons during 1997. In addition, LOL funds were used to purchase a server at the Youth Service Center, a youth detention center for Seattle and King County, where 3500 young people reside during the course of a year.

The KCLS mission is to provide free, open and equal access to ideas and information to all members of the community. Accordingly, Libraries Online! sites will offer the proposed technology and training to everyone, although some training sessions will target particular audiences.

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