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The Macon County-Tuskegee Public Librarys (MCTPL) mission is to 1) bridge the "information gap" with outreach agencies by providing computer technology services to the Macon County community, 2) offer computer training to disadvantaged patrons, 3) provide access to curriculum enrichment programs for K-12 educators, and 4) enable the public to access affordable Internet services and other CD-ROM databases and information services.

As such, the Libraries Online! project at MCTPL offered a unique opportunity to enhance and extend existing library technology by broadening the library systems research base, public Internet access, and trainings on computer technology and information resources. Expanded access to information technologies were made more readily available to rural Macon County, especially for youth, teens, senior citizens and pre-schoolers. In addition, Libraries Online! has allowed MCTPL to continue building existing and potential community collaborations with local non-profits, schools, government and historically black colleges and universities.

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