News Coverage The goal of the Electro-Sabio/Libraries Online! project of the Phoenix Public Library is to help Hispanic families bridge language and cultural barriers, diminish their geographic isolation, and provide them with greater educational independence through increased proficiency with information technology and resources. This goal strongly supports the mission of Phoenix Public Library: to provide all citizens with access to information resources regardless of the format or physical location of that information. The Electro-Sabio! Libraries Online! Project enables Phoenix Public Library to create a cluster of networked personal computers at the Ocotillo Branch Library in Phoenix.

Ocotillo Branch patrons access software products in English and Spanish, browse the World Wide Web over the Internet, and peruse on-line information services such as the Librarys online catalog, Phoenix at Your Fingertips (the City of Phoenixs Web-based community information system), the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, the AzTeC Freenet, other Arizona libraries and Federal and state government information services.

The concept behind Electro-Sabio! Libraries Online! is to provide networked applications and content to the PCs at Ocotillo Branch Library from an NT Server based at the Branch. Software applications for users are loaded from CD-ROM and floppy discs onto the servers hard disks for improved performance and ease of management. In addition to the targeted software products, the Library purchased and installed the NT version of Fprot virus detection software from non-grant funds. Users launch World Wide Web sessions using Microsoft Explorer 3.0. The branchs LAN is segmented into public and non-public layers for improved network security. The Branch/Central link was upgraded from 56K frame relay to dedicated T-1 to support image transfer.

The Electro-Sabio! Libraries Online! project has increased the convenience, quantity, and quality of access points to information sources for library patrons and has also assisted in supporting the Parks, Recreation and Library Departments plan to create a LAN system that provides Department-wide and City-wide connectivity to meet all the automation needs of Parks, Recreation and Library services.

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