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The Libraries Online! project at the San Antonio Public Library allowed the library to plan, create and implement Youth(wired), a program that is committed to providing outstanding information technology, training, and service to inner-city youth in the community. Youth(wired) is located in the new San Antonio Central Library, a facility that serves the entire metropolitan area (with a population of approximately 1.3 million), and functions also as the "closest branch" for many inner-city youth.

Youth(wired): The Electronic Library for Young Adults targets inner-city young adults in the community with limited or no access to technology and provides them with the resources to bridge the information gap that exists in their world. A computer lab in the library was created with both homework help computers and Internet web development tools. Further, the Librarys existing Training Room was utilized to augment and expand the resources in the lab. The project:

provides access to state-of-the-art electronic resources,

allows for hands-on training and use of technology, including the production of a youth(wired) website that was developed by members of the target group,

fosters youth empowerment through exposure to electronic resources,

provides online tutorials and staff assistance for independent users,

increases the probability of educational success in a city with one of the countrys highest school drop-out rates.

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