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During Lisa Jackson's (Automation Services) visit to set up the PC at the site in Vaiden, a high school student came to the library to do research for a term paper. He had no success finding information in the school library on the individual who was the topic of his paper, so he came to do research at the Vaiden Public Library. The librarian, Linda Brisco, was unable to find a print source in the library. Since Lisa was just completing the installation, she suggested trying the Encarta Encyclopedia. To everyone's delight, there were over 20 articles on this particular personality. Not only was the student able to find written information, he was able to use pictures and images to supplement the report. To say the least, the student was thrilled! Linda is very busy these days because once other students learned about the computer, they all began visiting the library.

Photos of the Mississippi Library Commission Libraries Online! training session in March 1996. Librarians from eighteen county libraries around the state came to Jackson for a one day intensive hands-on training on the use of the new computers and Windows95.

Credits: Submitted by state library staff, 4/96

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