News Coverage The mission of the York County Library System (YCLS) is to provide informational, leisure time and educational resources for library customers in a timely, convenient, and cost effective manner. The Libraries Online! project has enabled YCLS to connect with people who would not traditionally use the library, particularly those who are disadvantaged and would not otherwise have access to information technologies like the internet and world wide web.

The Libraries Online! project allowed the YCLS to develop a new program and provide a place for several target audiences to work, learn and play on computers. With the LOL project, YCLS also provides a place for the elderly to learn more about computers and the Internet and, more importantly, what these information resources can do for them. YCLS administrators also wanted to bring teen mothers to the library to help them learn about child development, parenting and career development. In addition, YCLS wanted to help the growing Hispanic population of York learn skills, including language skills, that would help them prepare for jobs and higher education. Because YCPL wanted to expose these groups to the power of information and how it can improve their lives, YCPL decided to call these learning centers Power Up Places, or PUPS. They started a pilot PUPS with the first year of LOL funding at the city library, Martin Library, and expanded the program into 5 regional libraries covering all of the county with the second year of LOL.

YCLS believes that one of the missions of the public library is to respond to the technological revolution by becoming centers for public computing and computer training. Beyond the PUPS program, YCPL offers a wide range of training opportunities to library customers. They have implemented a "train the trainer" approach to reach members of library staff and the public. This model consists of the Electronic Services Librarian leading a key group of trainers paid staff and volunteers who then host their own trainings. YCLS looks forward to becoming a technology leader in the community and believe they have a significant role to play in making computing hardware, software, the internet, andmost importantlythe skills to use them available to everyone who wishes to "power up" their lives.

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