Windows Desktop

u One click on the Minimize button reduces the active Window of a program or dialogue box to an icon on the Taskbar. To activate, click on that icon.
v    The middle button has two settings:
Maximize displays a full screen window, and Restore changes a full screen window to a  pre-determined smaller size.
w Close will exit or quit any program or dialogue box. You will be prompted to save anything before totally quitting the program.

The Minimize, Maximize and Close buttons are located  in the upper right corner of any Windows program or dialogue box.

Pull Down Menus are located on the Standard (Text) toolbars of Windows programs.  Pull down menus are similar to Flyout menus. They display tools and features to manipulate elements within a program.

Menus  activate through two methods:

1. Using the keyboard, select the Alt Key, then the underlined letter key. So to activate the View pull down menu, press Alt + V and the pull down menu to the left will appear.

2. Using the mouse, click on the word View and the pull down menu to the left will appear.

To select an option on the menu, slide the cursor (do not click) until the desired option highlights. Then single click and that dialogue function box will appear.

The text in gray lettering is inactive. This means the view or placement in the document do not have the option to use these features. In this case, no Footnotes have been added, so there are none to view from the View menu.

Notice the status bar at the bottom of the window provides further explanation about the selected option.

sCursor   tTaskbar   
sFlyout Menu
t Scroll Bar
sMinimize, Maximize or Close  
tPull Down Menus