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As the Los Angles Public Library (LAPL) approaches its 125th anniversary, they have begun to use a new identifying tag line - "LAPL - The Original Information Highway." They believe that the LAPL are the original information turn pikes, main street, freeways and highways and their mission is to provide access to traditional and innovative information technologies to the general public. LAPL was one of the original pilot projects for Libraries Online! and with their involvement in round two of the program, want to build on their initial successes by expanding information services and access to the internet at other branches in their library system.

The first Libraries Online! projects at the LAPL included the creation of "virtual electronic libraries" at the Chuenga and Pio Pico/Koreatown branches. With these models, LAPL expanded information services and technologies to diverse populations by building "virtual libraries" in many of their other branches in the last year. During the second phase of Libraries Online!, the LAPL expanded on the accomplishments of the previous year by adding two additional Libraries Online! sites that are particularly focused on training.

The two newest Libraries Online! centers are located at the Mid-Valley Regional Branch in the San Fernando Valley and the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. These new computer labs are equipped with 12 computers, a large presentation monitor, video conferencing and the latest software with internet access. They provide the public with the opportunity to engage in training with internet and library resources as well as in distance learning programs. Staff training is also conducted at these computer centers.

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